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Stationary Deco Stickers Mystery Pack

Stationary Deco Stickers Mystery Pack

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🍬Free shipping polco stickers lucky bundle. Freebies included!

🍬For Sticker Rich&More!!! option, you will not receive the exact same sticker sheet but I might give you same designs in different colors.

🍬You can tell me your personal preference for stickers you wish to received such as "I like purple&orange", "I prefer animals", "I don't want any insect stickers", "I want more bubbles&ribbons."

🍬 Please follow us on Instagram: @ambercraftdesign

🍬If you want to see the packing process, please follow us on TikTok: @ambercraftdesign

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Common questions

How long is the turnover?

For resin case it is normally 5~10 business days, for decoden case is 6~14 days.

Can I return it if I don't like how it turns out?

Unfortunally do to the nature of handmade item, I do not accept returns or refunds due to buyers' personal reasons. I do provide exchanges to items that were damaged because of the shipment. I will do my best to pack it to avoid any possible occurred problems.

I didn't see my device on the list.

More phone models are coming! Please visit my instagram to see all updates!